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Technology Helping the Demand in Hospitality Industry in the United States

For many years technology has only been seen in the fast food arena. Now restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the U.S. are taking technology to the next level for its guests. From the electronic menus to touch kiosks, the industry is quickly changing with little

resistance from owners.

Clearwater, Florida, March 10, 2016 ( - For years, fast food restaurants have used digital technology for their menu

boards but now restaurants, bars and nightclubs are gaining momentum with investing in technology.

Guests entering their favorite restaurant, are now handed a digital menu. Customers no longer have to wait for a server, but can order right from the device. Bars and nightclubs are adopting table top technology featuring drink specials, entertainment and wine lists,

allowing patrons to order from them and pay right from the comfort of the table.

Touch Kiosks are showing up at the entrance to nightclubs featuring future entertainment schedules and allow guests to order

tickets right from the kiosk for upcoming shows.

Servers no longer have to input orders at the point of sale terminal and that allows them to spend more face time with customers and quicker service to each table. Cost owners don't want the technology to replace the human element, so they are carefully choosing

what technology to introduce to their guests.

Tony Constantino, Owner of ClubFixIt, a Florida Hospitality Consulting company states, " Even though the  Hospitality industry has been resistant to the change, gusts and competition are forcing them to make the change."

Press Release  Mar 10, 2016  16:33 EST