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CLUB FIX IT is Florida’s premier hospitality consultancy.

CLUB FIX IT veteran, Tony Constantino is the author of the industry bestseller “25 Essential Tips for Success that Every Bar Owner Must Know”, and has spent the last two decades building success in the hospitality industry from New York to South Florida. Now he brings that success to you,

with the best Restaurant, Bar & Nightclub Consultancy  in the South.

So… what’s your problem? 

Empty seats? Need technology? Deserted dance floor? Poor profits? Menu needs revamping? Staff Training? We can help in every area by evaluating and implementing a short term & long term goal.

CLUB FIX IT helps you develop marketing strategies and promotional tactics for your operation to maximize attendance and generate buzz.

Low profitability? Poor cash flow? Leakage?

CLUB FIX IT brings powerful analysis and candid, eye-opening internal process reviews to bear to find and eliminate situations that are literally robbing you every day and every night. 

Slow growth? Trouble with that “next step”?

CLUB FIX IT develops and implements the best strategies for you to make the leap from “hidden gem” to the place everyone wants to be.

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